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The oscillating multi-tool is one of the handiest tools you could have throughout the jobsite or workshop. It’s flexibility allows you to perform numerous tasks that might be impossible with other tools. You are able to sand; saw steel, real wood, and drywall; make large openings; plunge cut into wood; or undercut a doorway. You can even remove grout, cut for new floors, and take off fingernails and screws get rid of. That’s just the beginning. We like our oscillating multi-tools a lot that we put together this set of ways Benefits use an oscillating multi-tool. And trust me, there’s more than five…And be certain to also check out our oscillating multi-tool shootout.
Plunge Slashes are Easy. That is possibly well known of the 5 ways Benefits use an oscillating multi-tool. The tool is created for “impossible” plunge slashes. It creates them easy-if you utilize the right cutting tool. While multi-tools are generally used to cut openings in drywall for electric containers, they can deal with any job that requires a plunge lower. Commence a mortise. Plumb and Lined, Make a notch. Cut and casings for floors.

Use As an Orbital Sander. Swapping the cutting tool connection for the sanding connection, you may use the oscillating multi-tool as a little fine detail sander. It’s not really an alternative to other handheld sanders, but it’ll work for small areas. We like the control it offers us over the task. There’s also an abrasive connection that’s best for removing small hands of grout or glue.

Flush Slashes in Hardwood, Drywall, and Steel. Swapping the connection for a half-moon edge, you can certainly make longer slashes in hardwood, drywall, and steel. You’ll be amazed at the simple the trim. The increased surface of the half-moon edge helps you keep right to a series while reducing quickly.

Strip, Peel off, Scrape. Old color, that “beautiful” old linoleum floor, unidentifiable gunk, and more can be removed easily with a scraping edge for a multi-tool. I’m sure you can think of at least three places to utilize this function right now.

Work with a Straightedge for Right Cuts
Have to shave just a little off a cupboard or a bit of cut because someone browse the tape measure ugly? Utilize the oscillating tool to produce a clean, precise lower and make the condition disappear completely. Utilize a straightedge if you want helpful information for the oscillating noticed cutting tool. Just watch that the cutting tool doesn’t gouge the straightedge and go off-course.

Remove Grout and Caulk. If you’ve ever experienced the pleasure of eliminating old grout and caulk for your bathroom remodel, you might not get to the finish of this phrase before going to the hardware store to buy a multi-tool. The oscillating feature makes this type of work easy and effective. The caulk will actually come right up, and experienced users will leave the materials underneath mainly unscathed.

Undercut Doors. Possibly the best way Benefits use an oscillating multi-tool is perfect for undercutting doorways when tiling or floors. We do quite a little of this whenever we do our Pergo Outlast laminate floors review. Get yourself a good Japanese teeth blade when seeking hardwood cut, and you’ll be achieved very quickly.